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What Are The Benefits?

Be the hero who helps your client recapture revenue by connecting them with the laboratory experts at Elite.

The distributor gets to enjoy a stable business model and commission every month.

Lock in your clients and stop worrying about other reps poaching your accounts.

Let Elite do 100% of the work to build the lab and manage the account. Your level of involvement is completely up to you!

The client gets to take control of their patients’ testing through their own in-house testing capabilities.

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Too many reference / independent labs are unreliable partners for their reps. Working with Elite is the simplest way to fix that problem.

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Being A Distributor Is A Win For Everyone

Your providers will be able to offer improved patient care.

Elite gets the opportunity to share its expertise.

The client gets to take control of its laboratory testing and recapture revenue currently being lost to third party labs.