Substance Abuse Facilities

At Elite Diagnostics we understand the importance of personalized treatment, especially in the substance abuse arena. Developing individualized care plans for your patients can be greatly enhanced by bringing your laboratory testing in-house. Doing so will allow you to receive more accurate and detailed test results in a more timely manner. Furthermore, bringing this drug testing work in-house will allow you to recapture the revenue that is currently being lost to third party reference labs.

Our completely customizable laboratory build-out process can be tailored to your Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) or Abstinence-Based Treatment program. With our detailed reporting, you can assess trends in patient treatment plan adherence as they follow their designated course of treatment.

Substance Abuse Facilities have the pressing need for definitive quantitative testing due to the critical nature of patients’ treatment. High sensitivity testing, using LC-MS/MS technology, does much more than simply tell you whether a patient is taking a certain drug. This detailed testing method allows you to:

  • Advocate for patients by communicating individual treatment plans
  • Discover if samples were altered after collection (i.e. dissolving medicine directly in urine sample cup)
  • Identify recent use of prescription medications, non-prescribed medications, and illicit substances
  • Confirm patients are compliant with any MAT program and trend any necessary dosage changes
  • Track new patients’ progress on ABT programs using creatinine-adjusted values to confirm the tapering off illicit drug use

We offer a personalized test menu that can be tailored to your specific practice based on medical necessity and your particular patient population. Elite’s comprehensive historical reporting gives clinicians the most clinically-relevant reports to make informed decisions for each individual patient. Our priority is providing optimal service and accurate results to you and your patients; through this, we strive to be an advocate for patients by allowing clinicians to communicate individualized treatment plans and promote the healthiest route to recovery. Use the form to set up a free consultation to learn more about our expertise in building in-house laboratories for substance abuse facilities.



"We hired Elite after interviewing half a dozen lab management companies to replace our existing consultants who had gotten complacent and expensive.  The change was immediate.  Our lab just works – no headaches, no hassles – and it’s clear that the reason for this change is because Elite manages every aspect so there’s no cracks for things to fall through. Five stars."

- Marta L., Pain Management Practice – Hartford, Connecticut