Due to recent changes in state legislatures around the country that have followed the public’s corresponding changes in opinion with respect to cannabis, the industry is growing rapidly. The team at Elite Diagnostics is on board with the cannabis craze and are fully prepared to help lead the charge on your cannabis testing facility.

Cannabis laboratories tend to focus on tests for residual solvents, physical and microbial contamination, potency, and terpenes. Below isa brief overview of how each of these testing procedures work:

Residual Solvent Analysis

This process involves extracting active ingredients from the cannabis at which time. After extraction, further testing may be required to ensure the highest possible percentage of solvents has been removed from the cannabis. At this stage, the amount of residual solvent left in the processed cannabis can be measured, expressed in parts per million (ppm).

Microbial Testing

Perhaps the most imperative step in the testing process; microbial testing is vital for three key reasons: 1. without limits or testing requirements for microbiological contamination, patients are at risk for infections; 2. exposure to toxins can directly impact the health of a patient or can create an immune crisis for the patient even when there are no viable microorganisms present; and 3. the existence of microbial organisms can be an indication that the steps in the process for creating the product are not clearly defined, controlled, or monitored.

Potency Analysis

Potency of cannabis refers to the percentage of cannabinoids contained in the sample being tested. Levels of THC and CBD are tested in each sample, and, depending on what state your testing facility is in, labs may opt to run further testing as well.

Terpene Analysis

Terpenes are the flavor and fragrance compounds present in cannabis. These are often added for recreational uses of cannabis and can be measured using LC/MS technology.

Cannabis testing can quickly become an overwhelming endeavor, but that is why Elite is here to help! Upon completing your laboratory build-out, validating all instrumentation, leading the charge on obtaining all necessary compliance documentation, and recruiting talented staff members, Elite’s experts will be onsite to train your laboratory staff. We will remain onsite through your ‘Go Live’ date and up until all laboratory staff feel fully comfortable with the processes. And never to worry, our experts are on call 24/7 for any questions, concerns, or inquiries that may arise. Use the form below to set up a free consultation to learn more about your potential on-site lab and the difference it can make to your patient care and financial bottom line.



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