Lab Personnel Sourcing & Training

Let Elite Handle Your Lab Personnel Sourcing & Training

Staffing companies will charge you thousands just to send candidates your way – regardless of if they’re actually a good fit (or even qualified for the position!)

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Elite’s management team has recruited and hired for dozens of laboratory positions over the past decade.  We know how important it is to find the right fit of experience, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Elite handles every step of the process!

Resumé Collection

Screening Interviews

Secondary Interview

Arrange Final Interview

Elite will handle every aspect of the employee training specific to your lab and your instrumentation.  Without that training, even a very qualified candidate won’t be set up for success in your lab. Elite offers this service to all of our lab management clients AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  That’s because we know that everyone wins (including us) when you have a great lab director and lab techs.

Whenever you have turnover, we’re there to make sure your lab doesn’t miss a beat

Our team of recruiters save you time and worry by carefully screening and recommending only those candidates who meet all required qualifications and will be a great fit for you lab

We provide the resources, training, and ongoing support to make sure your staff operates at the pinnacle of quality and productivity


I was paying my lab tech $30/hour and he had a horrible attitude, but I was having so much trouble finding qualified candidates that I just felt stuck with him. As soon as I partnered with Elite, the very first thing they did was gather dozens of applicants and quickly found my new tech (Ashley) who they interviewed and recommended I hire. Elite trained her up on my particular instruments, and now I have the world's best lab tech and save about $8 an hour - and I recommend Elite to everyone I know in the lab business.

Tony K., Buffalo, NY - Pain Management

A couple of months before I hired Elite, I was shocked to have a terrible CLIA inspection. I thought my lab director knew what she was doing - I was clearly wrong. When I hired Elite, they started by finding me a competent lab director for $1,100 a month LESS than my terrible one. When I asked Elite to tell me the secret of how they were able to save me so much money compared to other staffing companies, they told me that lab directors WANT to work with Elite because they know that labs that work with Elite are easy clients to serve. If I had hired Elite before my CLIA inspection instead of after, I wouldn’t have had to shut down my lab for six weeks while Elite quickly got me a new lab director and fixed all of the quality and compliance issues that showed up on my CLIA inspection.

Dr. Sarah D., Charlotte, NC - Primary Care

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