Toxicology Lab Management

Elite specializes in building toxicology labs in only 45 days! At Elite Diagnostics, our mission is to empower physicians and improve patient care by building and managing CLIA-certified, physician-owned laboratories with state-of-the-art LCMS technology.


We perform virtually all maintenance on the lab instruments saving you valuable time and money

Other guys have to wait on a third-party service provider who will want to charge you tens of thousands a year for a service contract

Our method is cutomizable and has an industry-leading runtime of just over five minutes per sample

Other guys need 10+ minutes to run a sample and can’t tailor a method to test for additional compounds

We pass on our preferred pricing on everything from instruments to standards to consumables.

Other guys will charge you list price (or higher!) for the supplies needed to run your lab

Elite Diagnostics launch time is 30 to 45 days

The other guys need 6 to 9 months to get your lab up and running

We provide ongoingtraining, method support, and CLIA compliance oversight

The other guys are out the door as soon as they hand you the method and will charge you a fortune if you ever want to see them again

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By building in-house labs for existing practices, Elite allows physicians to recapture significant lab revenue that is currently being lost to outside reference labs.

With more than thirty years of experience running one of the nation’s largest toxicology reference labs, our team provides true end-to-end laboratory set-up, management, and solutions.


CLIA/COLA registration

LIS and Web based portal

Lab Tech sourcing and training

High-grade lab reports including patient trend reports

Method and instrument validation

On-demand toxicology and technical support

Lab and Quality Director sourcing placement

Exceptional turn around times for providers

Broad test menus (70+ compounds)

Complete control over your samples and testing program

Risk stratification and utilization program support


"Elite has added so much value to my practice that I don’t even know where to start.  They sourced all of my lab equipment, supplies, and employees in just over a month.  I rely on their expertise every single day in my lab so that I can spend my time focusing on my practice."

- Anne W., Addiction Treatment, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania