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Allow Elite to audit your processes to ensure your lab is efficient and profitable.

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30 Day Laboratory Implementation

Unmatched expertise leads to unmatched results as Elite can have your lab operating in weeks not months.

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Elite utilizes experienced trainers and leverages the latest technology to ensure your lab is always operating at the highest level.

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About Us

Elite Diagnostics is a collection of C-Suite, Director and Manager level talent from a top 5 national toxicology lab. After the sale of the lab, the team started Elite Diagnostics to pass our vast toxicology lab knowledge onto regional and physician owned labs. We have experience handling 50,000 monthly samples and 40+ LC/MS instruments. We have the solutions to the issues you are having. Why worry about problems we have already solved?

Elite consultants have more than 50 years combined experience in the toxicology industry as well as graduate degrees in Chemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Toxicology, Pharmacology, and Business Administration. We have the experts to address all of your needs.

What we do

Toxicology has been a leading profit center for reference laboratories for more than 10 years. The perception is that the technology needed to start a lab is too complicated and too expensive for a clinic or facility to implement. The right partners & training can make adding a toxicology lab to your practice a reality. Elite has the expertise to painlessly create a lab for you. The testing has to be performed, why not keep the revenue in your practice?

Elite Diagnostics uses our experience and relationships to create a toxicology lab in an unmatched timeline. 30 days is all that is needed to install an LC/MS instrument, validate it, and fully train personnel to operate it. A simple $50k investment is needed to start your own lab. With a 500 sample monthly volume the initial investment will be returned within 3 months.

Do not take our profitability and expedicious delivery as a sign of poor quality. Elite labs are accreditted at the highest level passing CAP, ISO, CLIA and COLA standards. Elite was founded by a CAP inspector, quality and integrity are never compromised.


The Elite Method

The Elite Diagnostics team uses our vast experience to build you a laboratory that is among the most efficient and accurate in the industry from day 1.

Instruments and Equipment

Elite has negotiated with top industry vendors for you to source the products necessary for immediate delivery. Everything from the Agilent LC/MS to the consumables have vendors in place ready for immediate delivery.

Elite also has supply chain solutions in place to ensure your laboratory has the supplies in needs on hand ensuring the laboratory is operating and profitable.

Method and Validation

Elite's proprietary One-Shot ™ method tests for 58 compounds covering 29 drug classes ensuring your patients get the personalized comprehensive care they need.

The LC/MS validation is performed by experienced Elite professionals who ensure the install and implementation is up to the strictest accredidation standards. The validation is confirmed and approved through our vast network of qualified Medical Directors.

Laboratory Information System

The custom built Laboratory Infomation System (LIS) EasyTox was designd in partnership with Elite Diagnostics to the demanding specifications of today's toxicology laboratories. This HIPAA compliant web based system allows for immediate install without adding additional server requirements or strain on the practice. Our colaboration facilitates robust data management and reporting while supplying the security needed to keep your patients and their information safe.

Training & Outsourcing

A laboratory is only as good as its people and Elite is committed to ensuring your lab is the best. On-site personnel are trained to the Elite standard using ISO caliber protocols and and efficient procedures designed to process thousands of samples a day.

Elite also offers remote analysis to maintain laboratory quality and efficiency, even in times of attrition or a talent shortfall.


Elite's experts have processed hundreds of thousands of toxicolgy claims from hundreds of payors. We ensure you get paid for the testing you perform. Plus, since you own the laboratory, you can make your collection policies compassionate to patient needs ensuring no more complaints of a lab sending them to collections.

Service & Support

Once the lab has been installed and samples are being processed, Elite Diagnostics continues to be the solution to your needs. Whether monitoring industry trends or trouble shooting your production issues Elite ensures your lab is performing up to the Elite Standard

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